You Need To See This Absolutely Out-Of-Control Super Bowl Ad

02/03/2014 02:36 pm ET | Updated Feb 03, 2014

Most Super Bowl commercials are made with the explicit purpose of making money. This is not one of those Super Bowl commercials.

Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino made the two-minute commercial -- which aired on local TV in Savannah, Ga., during the horrifically boring football game -- with redemption in mind. Redemption that came complete with a flaming sledge hammer, heavy metal guitar riffs, some more fire and a pair of seriously badass sunglasses.

But does the above video have a basis in reality? Yes, according to Casino, who told the The Huffington Post that the commercial is based on the true story of his brother's 2012 death and the local police department's subsequent comments that he had not been entirely “innocent.” He did, however, say he "paraphrased" local news headlines and had the video edited to comply with the NFL's advertising standards.

“The way I looked at [the ad] was Jesus Christ throwing a haymaker back with a knockout punch,” he added. “We set the record straight during the Super Bowl.”

(Hat tip: Deadspin)

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