02/03/2014 04:16 pm ET | Updated Feb 03, 2014

17 Little Things You Should Let Go Of Right Now


She's sassy, courageous, she magically freezes whatever she touches, and Elsa of "Frozen" has the power to get songs permanently stuck in your head (yes, that one). But, behind the ridiculously catchy anthem "Let It Go," there's actually some wisdom we can take away from Disney's newest princess.

In honor of our new favorite heroine, let's turn away from self-doubt, slam the door on negativity and take a page from Elsa's book by giving ourselves permission to breathe a little easier. Here are 17 little things -- besides the cold -- that shouldn't bother you, anyway.

1. You didn't get into your "dream" school -- but your BFF did.
Nothing stings more than the feeling of rejection, but look at it this way: If the tables were turned, your friend would totally be cheering for you. So treat him/her to a celebratory cup of hot chocolate and rest assured that you will get into the best school for you.

2. Those annoying college questions from your parents' friends... and the mailman... and your neighbor...
Be strong and just know that as repetitive (and intrusive) as these questions can be, they come from a good place.

3. That one piece of hair that's out of place in your senior yearbook photo.
No one notices but you. We swear.

4. The fact that you still have braces.
No, you can't eat popcorn and making out can get a little awkward, but just thinking about that magical moment when you can move your tongue across those smooth, straight teeth makes it worth it.

5. Not having a GF/BF for Valentine's Day.
You don't need a significant other in order to feel special on the most romantic day of the year. Show yourself some love instead. Have a solo pizza/movie marathon at home or bake cupcakes to bring to school for your besties.

6. That one time your friends hung out together without you.
Relax -- no one's mad at you. You didn't say or do anything wrong just because your friends went to the mall after school without you. Try not to read into it too much.

7. When your little sister records "American Idol" over the new episode of "Pretty Little Liars."
Deep breaths. It's gonna be okay. You can watch it online later.

8. Not getting the "perfect" SAT score.
That number doesn't tell colleges how smart you are, or that you're a kick ass friend, or that you know how to make the most bangin' guacamole on the block. At the end of the day, it's just a number and nothing else.

9. When your dad drops you off at school and yells your childhood nickname out the window.
You may cringe now, but something tells us you're going to miss those early morning car rides riding shotgun with dad, listening to his "old" music and then torturing enlightening him with 1D as payback.

10. When your mom buys chocolate ice cream at the grocery store instead of your requested chocolate fro-yo.
Yes, it's admirable that you were trying to be "healthier" this week, but let's be real: Chocolate is chocolate, people.

11. Feeling bad about not going to a party, because you know, you're just TIRED.
Sometimes, you just need a night-in with a good book, warm blanket and your fuzzy socks. There's no shame in that.

12. Crying.
Every once in a while, a good ugly cry is necessary. So, go on. Just let it allllll out.

13. Someone else always having cooler clothes than you.
One day when you have kids, they're going to see photos of UGG boots and wonder how they were legal to wear. Lucky for you, you won't have to feel any shame because you never owned them in the first place.

14. Agonizing over finishing a big personal project that you're never going to get to.
Whether it's that sci-fi novel you want to write or finally cleaning out your closet, you'll get to it one day. Today may not be that day, but it'll happen eventually. Instead, count the little victories -- like writing one page or setting aside old clothes to donate.

15. Not getting a "promposal."
You don't need an ice sculpture or a flash mob for getting asked to prom to be special. The memories you make on the big night are what count most, despite what the Internet says.

16. Not having your driver's license... yet.
There's nothing more annoying than having to rely on your parents to drive you everywhere, but just think of all the Starbucks caramel lattes you can buy with the money it would take to fill up a tank of gas. That's a lotta lattes.

17. Your crush not liking your latest Instagram selfie.
Repeat after us: You are not defined by "likes."

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