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'' Fashion Blogger Danielle Bernstein On Turning Down Free Clothes (VIDEO)

So it turns out a lot of fashion bloggers get a lot of free stuff. All those designer clothes they're wearing? Yeah, they probably didn't pay for them. And while getting packages of designer duds sent to your doorstep may seem like a dream come true, bloggers need to tactfully reject items that "aren't their style," while still maintaining relationships with the brands.

Danielle Bernstein, the blogger behind, definitely knows a thing or two about declining free clothes. The immensely successful fashion guru stopped by HuffPost Live today to chat about the ethics behind fashion blogging. When asked how she navigates all the free merch, here's what she had to say:

"PR companies will get a hold of your address and they'll just start sending you products and everything. You know, I really stay true to my style on my blog and I don't put anything out there that I don't actually like. So sometimes saying no and saying to a PR company, 'Hey, I know you sent me this but I don't really think I'm going to wear it.' Or, 'It's not really my style, what if we do something else or we pick out something else from the lookbook.' It's been really hard. I've definitely gotten myself into a little trouble there."

Though it's safe to assume that not all fashion bloggers are this responsible, it's nice to know that some have a line they aren't willing to cross.

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live to hear Bernstein talk about how she started blogging and why she is stressed about Fashion Week.

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