02/04/2014 02:07 pm ET | Updated Feb 04, 2014

Fishermen Abandon Ship After Sailfish Leaps Into Boat

When a huge sailfish landed in their boat late last year, these two fishermen got in way over their heads. Literally.

Unable to contain the colossal fish, both anglers abandoned ship, jumping into the ocean off the coast of Costa Rica and leaving the remaining crew to deal with the agitated sailfish.

According to the video description, posted on YouTube by Crocodile Bay, a conservation-minded sport fishing resort, the fish in this particular incident was safely released back into the water after the dangerous encounter.

"We do not promote jumping in the water with sailfish or taking sailfish or marlin OUT of the water and on to the boat," Crocodile Bay's description reads, in part. "If you are going to photograph the fish, do so with the fish in the water."

In a comment on its Facebook page, the resort added that fish jumping into boats is a rare phenomenon, writing, "This has only happened once in the last 15 years prior to yesterday."

Sailfish have been known to weigh as much as 220 pounds and be 10 feet in length when fully grown, swimming at speeds up to 68 miles per hour. National Geographic has labeled them "the fastest fish in the ocean," adding that they aren't currently a threatened species.

WATCH the fish chase the anglers out of the boat, above.


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