02/04/2014 01:44 pm ET | Updated Feb 04, 2014

Here's What A Psychiatrist Thinks About The Girls Of 'Girls'


On "Girls," Ray (Alex Karpovsky) recently asked Lena Dunham's Hannah, "Why don't you place just one crumb of basic human compassion on this fat-free muffin of sociopathic detachment?" That question could apply more broadly to all of the characters this season. The self-centered, self-sabotaging Brooklynites of the title are starting to seem downright unhinged. Critics have pinned the term sociopath to nearly every character, as noted in our interviews with cast members Jemima Kirke and Colin Quinn. But does Hannah's quarter-life crisis really justify such an extreme label? And does it even begin to describe Adam's sister, the disturbing newcomer played by Gaby Hoffmann? Vulture called up UCLA faculty psychiatrist Dr. Paul Puri (who has previously helped us diagnose characters from Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and more) to do some more armchair analysis of Hannah's anxiety, Jessa's daddy issues, Caroline's self-destructiveness, and Marnie's pathological need to burst into song.

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