02/04/2014 01:55 pm ET

Stephen Colbert Nails Why Backlash To Coke's Super Bowl Ad Is Ridiculous

Stephen Colbert pretty much nailed it Monday night when he discussed the Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad that has stirred a ton of controversy since the game. The ad featured a diverse range of Americans singing the song "America, the Beautiful" in seven different languages. Among the many random freakouts it prompted was a big round of homophobic outrage related to the brief appearance of a gay couple in the ad.

Colbert called out one critic in particular who said that the ad was offensive because it featured a "deeply Christian patriotic anthem" along with a gay couple.

Funny thing about that, Colbert pointed out: The writer of "America the Beautiful" was involved in a relationship with another woman.

"I mean if the woman who wrote the song, Katherine Lee Bates, saw this ad, she would be disgusted. And so would her life partner Katherine Coman, with whom she lived for 25 years in what was then referred to as a 'Boston Marriage,'" Colbert said, perfectly satirizing the homophobic backlash against the commercial.

Check out the top video for the full clip from the "Colbert Report," and watch the video below for Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad.

(h/t: The Wrap)

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