02/05/2014 08:59 am ET

Anderson Cooper Now Owns A Dummy That Looks Just Like Him

Anderson Cooper now has a "mini-me," and we only regret that he didn't have one sooner.

On Tuesday night's "Ridiculist," the CNN host showed off the "Mini Cooper": a dummy that looks just like him, complete with a Yale t-shirt and grey sneakers. He said that his staff was a bit "creeped out" by the dummy when they found it on eBay, but that he's been slightly "obsessed" with it ever since the artist sent it to the newsroom.

Cooper is clearly having a blast with his new "mini-me," taking it on set and taking videos with the dummy. But our favorite thing about the dummy is that it's not afraid to speak its own mind around the office — which means asking Randi Kaye if she's high , searching the office for Madonna and cursing at a vending machine over a Reese's cup.


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