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That Time Diane Kruger Drank Exhaust Emissions From A Car

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Diane Kruger can now add drinking the exhaust emissions from a Mercedes-Benz to her list of accomplishments.

While this may sound gross, the "Inglourious Basterds" actress wasn’t drinking the emissions out of an ordinary Mercedes-Benz. She and fellow actor Joshua Jackson were drinking from a B-Class F-Cell, a small, multi-purpose vehicle that uses a fuel cell to convert hydrogen into electricity for its electric motor.

The car only emits water from its exhaust, so the two were essentially drinking good ol' H2O. (Phew.)

Mercedes-Benz recently had the actors drive the vehicle, which can travel 190 miles between fill-ups, through Death Valley, the world's hottest place. Armed with a rear-mounted tank to collect the car's exhaust water, the duo relied solely on the vehicle’s emissions to keep them hydrated during the trip.

Though the market for hydrogen-powered vehicles has yet to take off, oil company Shell recently predicted that by 2070 “the passenger road market could be nearly oil-free” and “an extensive hydrogen infrastructure rollout [will displace] oil demand for long haul and heavy loads” in the future.

With recent announcements by Hyundai and Toyota to offer hydrogen-powered vehicles to the public, it may not be long until you, too, are drinking the exhaust from your own hydrogen-powered car.

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