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What The Type Of Milk You Drink Says About You

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Milk isn't one of those beverages that people can, or should, take lightly. The kind of milk you drink is a very personal choice. It speaks not only to your taste and personal values, but to your specific diets as well. For many, the type of milk they drink is influenced in large part by health reasons.

You can't just replace one type of milk with another. It's not like beer, where if you're out of PBR you can just grab a Miller. No, milk drinkers are pretty die-hard about their choices. Soy milk drinkers would rather go without than drink two percent. And most whole milk drinkers would never even deign to give skim milk a glance.

With that in mind, you could safely say that the type of milk you drink says a thing or two about the kind of person you are -- and not just in the "you're vegan so you drink soy milk" sense. It goes deeper than that. Read on and see what your milk choice says about you.

  • Whole Milk
    Daaaaaang, you don't mess around! We really like that about you. You grab life by the balls and absolutely nothing scares you. Bravo. You don't sweat the small stuff because you're too busy living life to the fullest. You should know that pretty much everybody wishes they were you.
  • 2% Milk
    Two percenter, you're a real people pleaser. You don't ever want to rock the boat. You're well-balanced, even-tempered and we're willing to bet you did all your homework in high school too. People feel safe with you. And they should, because you're as trustworthy as they get.
  • 1% Milk
    If one percent is your go-to milk choice, you tend to be cautious and non committal. You're obviously conscious of your weight, but you're not ready to forego flavor all together. (There's still hope for you yet!) We commend your healthy lifestyle.
  • Skim Milk
    We don't want to be mean, but you guys have got to man up. Do you really want to go through life experiencing it at only a fraction of how good it can be? We know you have potential, and we just want to see you use it.
  • Organic Milk
    You are thoughtful and kind. You always think before you speak, which makes people really listen to what you have to say. You're incredibly intuitive, and that makes you a remarkably awesome gift giver.
  • Chocolate Milk
    You are either five years old or you wish you were. (Because things were just simpler when we were kids, weren't they?) Your fondness of childhood treats makes you a free spirit -- and also just really good with kids. For those reasons, you're a keeper.
  • Strawberry Milk
    Strawberry milk lovers, you're a tough nut to crack. You like to mix things up, you can't be tied to a 9-5 and you just want to have fun. You are the artist of the milk drinkers and that's why we love having you at the party. You're also a bit of a wildcard, which means no one ever gets bored around you (but they also don't feel entirely safe).
  • Almond Milk
    If almond milk is your milk choice you are either lactose intolerant, vegan or just like to take the road less traveled. You're an adventurer, a risk taker and a dreamer. You'd also make a fantastic yodeler.
  • Hemp Milk
    Either you were a hippie from the '70s (and you're still holding strong to the beliefs of the peace, love and rock & roll era) or you're just an independent thinker. Either way, you don't follow celebrity gossip. You can't understand the deal with trends. You just are you. We're impressed with your strong sense of self -- and so is everyone else around you.
  • Soy Milk
    Soy milk drinkers, you're considerate, sweet and often times predictable. Your friends know they can always count on you, and you're the best kind of listener. We appreciate your gentle soul -- you couldn't hurt a fly. While we love your dependability, try not play it safe all the time, okay? You only live once.
  • Rice Milk
    You're fearless, strong and independent. Actually, you're a downright trailblazer. You don't care what anyone says about and we will forever respect that about you.

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