02/05/2014 07:52 am ET | Updated Feb 05, 2014

Being A Reporter At The Sochi Olympics Sounds Like The Worst Thing Ever


Thousands of reporters have descended on Sochi, Russia to cover the 2014 Winter Olympics there, and, judging from their tweets, Sochi sounds vaguely nightmarish.

The games were already being complicated by the international controversies surrounding Russia's anti-gay laws, not to mention very heightened concerns about security. But Twitter has been buzzing for days with more prosaic concerns, such as the apparent dangers of drinking the Sochi water:

There are also minor food issues:

And slight problems with windows:

And some noise complaints:

And things that are just straight-up creepy!

And lots of quiet time with the big man himself:

And some issues with bathing:

And misadventures at the crack of dawn:

And we didn't even mention the prices!

All in all, things could be better:

But at least there are dogs everywhere to brighten the day: