02/05/2014 09:06 am ET | Updated Feb 05, 2014

Which Country In The World Consumes The Most Alcohol Per Year? (MAP)

As we head toward the Olympics, and countries around the world pit their most advanced and talented athletes against each other for a chance at greatness, we have a different contest on our mind. Namely, which country in the world consumes the most alcohol?

If we had to guess who tops the list of world alcohol consumption, we would have failed miserably. Think it's the US? Not even close. The UK? Getting warmer. Russia? Close, but no cigar. Let us show this to you in map form, so that you can really appreciate the differences.

via chartsbin.com

The winner for drunkest country on earth? That would be Moldova.

The Republic of Moldova, just to the east of Romania, has a population of around 3.55 million. Per capita, the average Moldovan drinks 18.2 liters of alcohol per year. What are they drinking? Your average beer and wine, but also lots of divin, which is Moldovan cognac. Romanian is the most common language spoken in Moldova, so when you clink glasses, shout "Noroc!" (Cheers!)

Where did your home country place?

[via Laughing Squid]


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