Chihuahuas Found Covered In Blue Plumbers Glue In Nashville (PHOTO)

02/06/2014 11:51 am ET

Animal control officers in Nashville are stuck trying to figure out who covered two chihuahuas in blue plumbers glue.

The dogs, both female, were found in an abandoned house last week by the landlord, who immediately called Metro Animal Care and Control, reported.

The two dogs had been painted all over with plumbers glue, which had hardened by the time they were discovered, WHJL-TV reported.

Removing the glue could take weeks, according to Dottie Dively, the staff veterinarian at Metro Animal Care and Control.

"We have been successful in shaving some of it," Dively told WJHL-TV. "We may have to shave some more under sedation."

Officers have named the glue-covered chihuahuas "Sapphire" and "Opal."

blue chihuahuas

Billy Biggs, the investigator assigned to the case, makes no secret that he wants to catch the perpetrator.

"You go from being sad to being mad," Biggs told "There's no reason to do this to an animal."

Investigators believe the crime was committed by juveniles who were hanging out in the abandoned home, reported.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Nashville Metro Animal Care and Control at 615-862-7928.

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