02/06/2014 09:11 am ET | Updated Feb 06, 2014

These Recipes Are A Meat Lover's Dream Come True (PHOTOS)


If you describe yourself as a carnivore, we're willing to bet you're pretty serious about your meat consumption. You don't adhere to the USDA recommended myplate proportions. No, you want your plate space to only be occupied by the meat category (with poultry as a side -- maybe).

You true carnivores out there, you who can never get enough bacon on your burger, who don't understand the point of a side salad, who start to feel faint after the eight hours of sleep where there was no meat, we put these recipes together for you. From brisket to short ribs to pork belly, we're about to share with you every recipe you could every want out of your meat-filled life -- and more.

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Flank Steak Recipes
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