02/07/2014 03:07 pm ET | Updated Feb 07, 2014

Rush Limbaugh: Women On 'CBS This Morning' Are 'Stupid,' 'Ignorant,' 'Wrong'

Rush Limbaugh has made plenty of attacks on women before, but now he is coming down on an entire female news team.

The radio show host directly attacked CBS' Gayle King, Nora O'Donnell and "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl Friday for their discussion on "CBS This Morning" about Stahl's report on the ways in which medications affect men and women differently. Limbaugh said he was shocked to hear television hosts talk so "ignorantly" about the male and female bodies.

During the show, Stahl said that the biggest thing she learned from her study was "how pervasive the differences between men and women really are." King later responded, "Why didn't we know this before?"

"They didn't know!?" Limbaugh shouted. "How is it that the mainstream media get everything wrong? Not just slightly wrong, but major, profound wrong. How is this possible, to be this stupid, this ignorant?"

Limbaugh later referred to O'Donnell as an "info-babe" and called her and King out specifically for contributing to the spread of false information.

"We're in big trouble," he said. "Because these people are the primary source for news for most people in the country."

Watch the video for the full clip.


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