10 Celebrity Grandparents We Admire

02/10/2014 06:33 am 06:33:10 | Updated Feb 10, 2014

It's been said that "grandparenthood is one of life's rewards for surviving your own children.”

We can't argue with that. You get to spoil and be spoiled with hugs and kisses, without worrying about sleepless nights or diaper duty. In fact, as of late, some grandmothers have even started having their own "grandma showers" to mark the new chapter in their lives and stock up on caregiving supplies.

While being a grandparent is a joy, it can remind us that we're aging. But that's not all bad. As blogger Elizabeth Lesser put it, "It's not that it makes me feel young. Rather, it makes me know what matters; it wakes me up; it enlivens me."

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