Heterosexist Feminism And The Great Pubes Debate

02/10/2014 10:55 am ET
STAN HONDA via Getty Images

Today, I read yet another article on feminism and pubic hair. "How can I [wax my pubic hair off] and still call myself a feminist?" asks Caroline Rothstein (and countless others). Since this is clearly a debate that is not going to die, it's time for us to talk about way straightness permeates her essay, and the pubes debate at large.

Rothstein spends a good amount of her essay focusing on the experiences and opinions of her friend, Rachel. Rachel is a straight woman who herself partakes in pubic hair removal, yet believes that hair removal is patriarchal. She starts off by saying that "[we're] pretending that the culture isn't influencing how we think about body hair, and pretending that it's just a personal preference. For me, [that] is doing more harm to ourselves than good." She continues, stating that "to wax the vagina itself is a violence against women…Just one that we're tricked into doing and paying for ourselves."

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