'House Of Cards' Has Its Own Edition Of 'Cards Against Humanity'

02/10/2014 03:17 pm ET | Updated Feb 10, 2014

What happens when your favorite TV show teams up with your favorite card game? Magic, that's what.

According to the website, the special-edition game contains 25 cards about "power, politics, passive aggressive handjobs and other scenes that we can never un-see." Even better, House of Cards Against Humanity is totally free and can be downloaded in print-and-play PDF form.

Some samples of the black cards:
"I can't believe Netflix is using _________ to promote House of Cards."
"If you need him to, Remy Danton can pull some strings and get you __________, but it’ll cost you."

And some white cards:
"Strangling a dog to make a point to the audience."
"Punching a congressman in the face."

Now you'll have something to keep you busy until Season 2 premieres on Netflix on Feb. 14.

"House of Cards"
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