Performance Artist Imprisons People In Paris Metro Car In The Name Of Art (VIDEO)

02/10/2014 05:01 pm ET | Updated Feb 12, 2014

Some unsuspecting subway riders were recently in for the worst ride of their lives.

In piece of performance art on the Paris metro, an artist trapped riders in a train car that was made to look like a prison cell. He entitled the work "Métro-Boulot-Dodo" ("Subway-Work-Sleep"), a French expression that means the "same old routine."

Known only as Farewell, the French artist used black tape to outline prison bars on the interior of the metro car. Once riders entered the car at a Parisian metro stop, Farewell stepped out and quickly locked the doors. He then filmed commuters' reactions as they tried to exit the car at another stop.

Let's just say, the stranded subway riders were not amused.

On Vimeo, the artist explained that he and his partner tried to pull the stunt three years ago but failed. So when his friend passed away the year after, Farewell vowed to try again.

"I hope he will like the result," he writes.

See Farewell's performance art piece on the Paris metro in the video above.

Update, Feb. 12: The video was removed by the artist.

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