02/10/2014 10:47 am ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

Skimbles The Cat Has Clearly Given Up On Life (VIDEO)

Go home Skimbles, you're drunk.

A YouTube video uploaded over a month ago but getting some much needed attention again thanks to Gawker shows Skimbles the cat completely give up on life. It's hilarious though, we promise!

In the video, Skimbles appears to be having an existential crisis. He stands around, yawning and contemplating the meaning of life. Perhaps he wonders what it all means. What's the point of sleeping around all the time? How did I get so fat? Why does everyone like dogs better? Damn, this is good catnip.

Then he sees it: the light. A beautiful, shining day welcomes him just beyond the window. He peers into the unknown, unsure but ready, scared but excited. His heart swells, his whiskers twitch, and he jumps into the light.

Well, not really. His back legs don't even leave the table. I mean seriously, Skimbles, what are you doing?

Anyway, here he is failing again. His owners must be so proud.


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