02/10/2014 02:17 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

Thakoon's Fall 2014 'Gym Chic' Hair Inspires Us To Step It Up (PHOTOS)

If this is what gym hair should look like, then we suck at it.

For Thakoon's Fall 2014 show, lead hairstylist Odile Gilbert for Kérastase created an inspired "gym chic" hairstyle that combined matte and wet textures. (Our workout hair is usually more wet, but we totally understand what she was going for here.)

Gilbert first spritzed Powder Bluff (a texturizing dry shampoo without the tacky white residue) to dry hair, focusing on the back section. Then she applied a generous amount of Lift Vertige (a lifting hair gel) to the top of the head and roughed up the front hairline with her fingers to get extreme wetness. Hair mist added an extra glossy finish.

Not exactly a splash-some-water-on-your-hair-and-leave-the-gym look, but it wouldn't hurt to put more effort into styling our hair after an intense workout.

See this runway take on "gym hair" below and tell us what you think.

thakoon fall 2014 hair

thakoon fall 2014 hair

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