02/11/2014 03:44 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

Here Are 6 Games To Pull You Out of Your Post-'Flappy Bird' Slump

Desiree Catani/Flickr

"Flappy Bird" fans, we feel for you.

You fell in love with something beautiful, only to have it taken from you. But like all lost loves, there comes a point where you have to let it go.

So we found you a few rebounds to help with the healing process.

These six games are going to give you whatever support you need, whether you want to be a part of something viral, completely lose your mind again, or just play a game where you die over and over again.

Soothe your broken heart with one of these:

  • 1 If 8-bit gaming fills you with nostalgia...
    "774 Deaths" is a maddeningly confusing 8-bit nightmare that will, like "Flappy Bird," have you questioning whether the game is absolutely terrible or whether you're really that bad at playing it. (Spoiler alert: You're actually just that bad.) Get it for $0.99 from the App Store.
  • 2 If you find joy in losing your sanity...
    A beautiful, fascinating example of how to make an exemplary mobile game, "The Room" is going to drive you absolutely up the friggin' wall. You must solve all the puzzles in your colleague's study, as you attempt to save mankind from great peril. And you're going to lose your mind in the process, we guarantee it.

    Get it for iOS for $0.99 or for Android for $1.99
  • 3 If you were only playing because everyone else was...
    "Flappy Doge" is exactly what you think it is: It's "Flappy Bird," but instead of controlling what looks like a fish with wings, you fly a Shiba Inu.

    Very meme. Very viral. Very entertaining.

    Play it on your browser for free.
  • 4 If you want to get your heart racing...
    We're pretty sure we couldn't handle the rapid, beautiful, heart-stopping mess that is "Hexagon." But we're weaklings, and we have total faith in your abilities.

    Godspeed, soldier.

    Start the madness for $2.99 on the App Store or Google Play.
  • 5 If you just want to die repeatedly...
    "Limbo" remains one of the most highly praised and beautiful games for mobile. We have a feeling you're gonna love it -- well, unless you have a serious problem with cartoon children dying increasingly horrible, graphic deaths.

    Get the lite version on Android for free and the full version on iOS for $4.99.
  • 6 If you just want to relive the past...
    We're sorry, but you can't. "Flappy Bird" is gone now; accept it. But you can turn to one of its clones for solace. We recommend "Flappy Bee," since it's kept the signature frustrating "Flappy Bird" gameplay but updated the graphics.

    Play it for free on iOS.