02/11/2014 01:07 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

Basically Every Single Hairstyle Prince Has Ever Had, In One Chart

By Forrest Wickman

Over the course of his 35-plus years in music, Prince has found a lot of ways to be funky. Case in point: His hair, which he’s changed just as often as his sound and even more often than he’s changed his name.


To illustrate the evolution of His Royal Purpleness’ hairdo, illustrator and set designer Gary Card whipped up this chart for The Beat, which we’re reprinting with Card’s permission below. (Click to view a larger version.) 2013 may have found Prince coming full circle, but if this chart is any indication, he won’t be sticking with his current look for long.

See a moving GIF of Prince's beautiful dos on Slate.