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Stephen Fry To Russian LGBT Activists: 'Annoy' Putin Until He Gives In

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ANIMAL New York caught up with Stephen Fry recently to ask the writer/activist/actor about the fight for LGBT rights in Russia.

Fry -- whose BBC docu-series "Out There" documents homophobia across the globe -- famously confronted Vitaly Milonov, the Russian politician who sponsored St. Petersburg's anti-gay "propaganda" bill. Milonov's bill was later adapted into a piece of national legislation ahead of the ongoing Sochi Winter Olympics.

"A chess master once told me that the best chess move to play is not the best chess move, it's the move your opponent least wants you to play," Fry tells ANIMAL New York, as if he were speaking directly to LGBT activists in Russia. "So don't always think about the right thing to do. Think about the thing that would most annoy [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.

“Any savage recordable injustice should be sent around the world, for the world to see,” Fry added. “It should become the question that Putin is so annoyed with, and bored by this being the issue, that he lets up on it. Meanwhile I can do nothing but admire the courage of all of you who are able to gather and stand up for who you are.”

Here's Fry's visit to Russia, which is definitely worth a watch:


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