02/12/2014 02:24 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2014

Sochi Is Warmer Today Than Almost Every City To Ever Host The Summer Olympics


The competitors were necessarily wearing skis when they lined up for the start of the men's Nordic combined on Wednesday afternoon at the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center, but the fans watching certainly didn't need to be dressed for a winter sporting event. Once again, the temperatures were soaring at the Sochi Olympics, forcing competitors to deal with softening surfaces.

"I don't know if i've ever seen a ski race at 54 degrees in February," NBC announcer Chad Salmela noted.

On Monday, melting snow at the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center led to cancelled jumps and postponed training sessions. By Wednesday, organizers may have had better luck keeping the ice and snow from turning to slush in a locale more accustomed to hosting the Summer Olympics.

Elsewhere in Sochi on Wednesday, photographers from The Associated Press spotted women taking in the sun outside the Swiss House in the Olympic village and even a pair of local construction workers getting dressed after a swim in the Black Sea not far from the Fisht Olympic Stadium.


Meanwhile in Atlanta, the home of the 1996 Summer Olympics, there was a dangerous ice storm in the forecast.


Atlanta was hardly the only previous Summer Olympic host city to be experiencing colder temperatures than the 2014 Winter Olympics on Wednesday, where temperatures soared to 61 degrees, according to

Below is a quick look at the projected or documented high temperatures (all Fahrenheit) for Wednesday in other cities that have hosted the Summer Games. All temperatures are from as of 2:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday. As ever, the weather is subject to change.

London, United Kingdom: 50 degrees

Beijing, China: 39 degrees

Barcelona, Spain: 57 degrees

Seoul, South Korea: 42 degrees

Moscow, Russia: 34 degrees

Montreal, Canada: 13 degrees

Munich, Germany: 42 degrees

Tokyo, Japan: 45 degrees

Rome, Italy: 57 degrees

Helsinki, Finland: 34 degrees

Berlin, Germany: 47 degrees

Amsterdam, Netherlands: 49 degrees

Paris, France: 50 degrees

Antwerp, Belgium: 50 degrees

Stockholm, Sweden: 41 degrees

St. Louis, United States: 30 degrees

While many cities that have hosted the Summer Olympics generally experience cold temperatures in winter and a few others like Mexico City (76 degrees) and Sydney (80 degrees) were enjoying warm weather on Wednesday, there was an undeniable incongruity when it came to the conditions.


2014 Sochi Olympics Photos
2014 Sochi Olympics Photos