For those of us who enjoy sipping a cocktail or two on Valentine's Day, it can be rough sailing. More than any other holiday, this love-fest seems to inspire sickly sweet, conversation-heart laden, artificially colored cocktails that make us want to run away. It's even inspired normally well-balanced bartenders to rim a glass with sprinkles. Shudder.

That's why we prefer to make our own Valentine's Day cocktails with all of the naturally-occurring red and pink ingredients that make so many cocktails great. Think Campari, bitters, pomegranate juice, homemade grenadine, red wine, etc. Listen, if you think the idea of a sugar cookie Martini with a sparkler in it sounds great, we are super excited for you because drinking on Valentine's Day will be a snap. If that idea terrifies you to your core, however, we've rounded up some of the loveliest red, pink and just downright delicious Valentine's Day cocktail recipes we could find. They focus on classic recipes, seasonality (it's cold out there, baby) and have a bit of grown up swagger to them.

Whether you're mixing up these drinks for yourself, a significant other or your anti-Valentine's Day party, we think you'll fall in love with at least one. Happy imbibing, lovebirds!

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