02/14/2014 05:38 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2014

'Scrubs' Is En Route To Becoming A Broadway Musical

NBC via Getty Images

If you've been missing J.D., Turk, Carla, Dr. Cox and the gang since NBC's show "Scrubs" went off the air in 2010, fear not. A Broadway musical based on the sitcom is now in the works, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The show followed medical intern John Michael Dorian (played by Zach Braff) through his heavily narrated adventures in the training hospital. After hearing that the nine-seasons show is stage-bound, you may be thinking "Finally!", or perhaps "Really?", but either way, the prospect of a "Scrubs" musical is certainly unexpected. It would be the first television show ever adapted for the Broadway stage.

The show's creator Bill Lawrence explained his ideas thus far to EW:

"We have an outline basically showing where we’re looking for songs, how we would intend to do fantasies, how we would use that a cappella band as a Greek chorus that would be on stage singing the theme when people come in. When that outline goes out to composers, they’ll know the tone because they’ve seen the show and some of the musical stuff we’ve done."

The cheerful surrealism of the series will probably translate beautifully to the big stage. Also, the musical episode that aired in 2007 was nothing short of hilarious. But for the Braff-heads among us, things aren't looking too good.

"Zach will be involved creatively because he’s a theater lover like me, but part of the fun for us is that we would go with Broadway musical stars," Lawrence said. The only cast members from the show he's considering bringing back is Ted's a capella group.

"Scrubs" isn't the only pop culture gem headed to high culture land. "Back to the Future," "Frozen" and an off-Broadway "Heathers" are among other cult favorites with a musical on the horizon.