02/14/2014 06:20 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2014

The Week's Worst Dressed List Presents A Cautionary Tale About Prints (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Prints have made a comeback -- but sometimes, a trend is easier said than done. Even celebrities can have a tough time mixing and matching, or, in one very glaring case, matching. Here's how NOT to do prints, plus a few other stylistic pratfalls having to do with proportion, metallics and unfortunate '90s trends.

Zosia Mamet

zosia mamet

Even she doesn't look too thrilled to be wearing these tablecloth-esque pants. While they could have *maybe* worked solo (with a plain blouse), adding a wool coat and a bulky snakeskin bag just drags her down.

Joy Bryant

joy bryant

If this stunning actress can't pull off the Elaine Benes look, no one can. Let's leave this trend in the '90s.

Zendaya Coleman


The high neckline just looks uncomfortable and the sheer panels seem at-odds with the textural fabric. The clunky shoes are better suited for a more casual ensemble.

Diane Kruger

diane kruger

The glittery jacket would have been fine with jeans, and the skirt would have been fine with a simple blouse, but together it's an overwhelming look. Let's not even discuss the floppy bow tie.

Julie Delpy

julie delpy

Thick, printed fabric should be used carefully, as it can add bulk. We love the print, but the effect of having a cocktail dress PLUS a jacket with this exact same material is one of an unfortunate optical illusion. Like Kruger, Delpy would have probably been fine wearing either piece solo -- but together, it's chaotic. Same goes for the gold sandals, which seem a touch too casual for this look.

More stars who missed the mark:

Worst-Dressed Stars 2014
Worst-Dressed Stars 2014

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