02/15/2014 11:39 am ET | Updated Feb 15, 2014

Mariah Carey Wears A Candy Bra, Sips Champagne In A Bathtub Full Of Red Balloons

Not that there was any doubt, but Mariah Carey's Valentine's Day was more glamorous than yours. Want proof? It's right here on Twitter.

The songstress posted a series of photos Friday night (Feb. 14) that show her waiting for her man, Nick Cannon, in a bathtub full of red balloons as she sips bubbly. Carey, per the norm, seems to only be wearing a sexy bra -- a candy bra -- on this festive holiday.

Two days prior to lovers' day, Mariah, 43, released a new song called "You're Mine (Eternal)." We bet she and Cannon played it last night.


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