4 Must-Read Edits To T.J. Oshie's Wikipedia Page Included Trotsky, Wrestlemania, America

02/15/2014 02:51 pm ET
Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

T.J. Oshie etched his name into American hockey history with his 4-goal shootout performance in the United States' 3-2 win over Russia but some of his fans apparently didn't think that was enough.

They wanted to temporarily etch references to Wrestlemania and Trotskyites into his Wikipedia page.

Following the 27-year-old forward's unforgettable effort on Saturday, several short-lived edits were made that captured the euphoria and jingoism inspired by the U.S. win in the preliminary round Group A game.

Revision: Badass Scourge Of Trotskyites

Revision: Defeater Of Communism

Revision: A American Hero

Revision: An American Hero Heading For Wrestlemania

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