02/15/2014 05:28 pm ET | Updated Feb 15, 2014

T.J. Oshie Insists U.S. Troops Are The Real Heroes Even As Hockey Fans Hail Him As Captain America


Good luck convincing T.J. Oshie that he is an American hero.

While American hockey fans were busy chanting his name in bars and editing his Wikipedia page online, Oshie kept his incredible performance in the United States' shootout win over Russia in perspective. After scoring four goals on six shots in the shootout win that likely earned the U.S. team a berth in the quarterfinals at the Sochi Olympics, the 27-year-old from Warroad, Minn., wasn't buying all of the "hero" talk swirling around him.

"The American heroes are wearing camo," Oshie told Pittsburgh Tribune-Review sports columnist Dejan Kovacevic. "That's not me."

Even as Oshie attempted to keep both skates firmly planted on the ice, Twitter was abuzz with memes, photoshops and GIFs hailing his greatness, including one that imagined him as Captain America.


Move over, Steve Rogers.


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