02/16/2014 02:02 pm ET | Updated Feb 16, 2014

This Man Didn't Have Valentine's Plans This Year. So He Did Something Way Better Instead.

A 25-year-old Chicago man didn't have a sweetheart this Valentine's Day and went out of his way to spread some love and pay it forward instead.

To give back to the homeless men he says he passes every day as he goes about his daily routine in Chicago's Loop, Peter Vitale bought them breakfast, coffee and a heart-shaped box of Valentine's chocolates -- and posted the video to YouTube in an effort to help inspire others.

"Aren't they the ones who need love the most? Need hope the most?" Vitale's video reads.

The men in Vitale's video include AJ, who has been homeless since May; Joseph, who's been homeless for over four years and John, a 54-year-old who has been on the streets for three months.

"I just wanted them to know, you know, we walk past [them] every single day, but someone out there cares,” Vitale told NBC Chicago. “I wanted to inspire a little bit of hope for them you know?”

(h/t Reddit)


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