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Why Juan Pablo Galavis Is The Best/Worst 'Bachelor' Of All Time

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Thanks to Juan Pablo Galavis' turn on "The Bachelor," the beloved ABC series' premiere of its 18th season skyrocketed 17 percent to 8.4 million viewers -- the best debut rating in three years. But behind the Venezuelan soccer player's sexy single dad facade, there exists suspiciously creepy tendencies that have compelled some critics to say he's ruined the franchise all together.

Though the show's producers heavily pushed "Juanuary" on us, here are the facts: The 32-year-old was not a celebrated soccer star but a mere benchwarmer, respects single mothers but won't kiss them, and seeks an English-speaking wife even though he can't reeeeally speak the language. Oh, did we mention Juan Pablo's got great abs? Because that's all the girl contestants and viewers seem to care about: the eye candy.

In advance of the show's seventh episode, Juan Pablo's Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde complex -- let's call it Dr. Juan, Mr. Pablo for now -- has become more apparent than ever. As Juan Pablo might say: ay ay ay!

Los Mejores (The Best)Las Peores (The Worst)
Juan Pablo's Venezuelan background makes him the first 'minority' star of "The Bachelor." It was about time ABC spiced things up a bit.He is not actually supportive of all minorities. Juan Pablo faced criticism after saying that there shouldn't be a gay "Bachelor." He explained, "I don't think it is a good example for kids to watch." Tisk, tisk.
He's an incredibly fit soccer player. soccerHe isn't that good of a soccer player. During his three years playing professionally in Venezuela, he was part of three different teams, only got to actually play 16 times AND got a yellow card. Don't know what that means? It's not good…
His accent is pretty darn sexy.Despite being born in New York and going to college in the U.S., Juan Pablo doesn't have a strong grasp on the English language. On recent episodes he specifically struggled with the word "bolt" and phrase "cut to the chase." It's tricky, we'll give him this one.
He's incredibly respectful of each of the girls' time, realizing that they're making sacrifices to be on the show.One time, Juan Pablo cut a girl in the middle of a group date … on her birthday. Poor Cassandra!
Juan Pablo gives the girls individualized attention and constantly talks about making sure that he spends roughly the same amount of time with each of the bachelorettes he's courting. The one instance that he spent extra time with Clare, things got pretty hot and heavy in the ocean and he made her feel guilty about it. Turns out slut–shaming is not a plus. clare
Juan Pablo maintains that he's prude with the women because he doesn't want to set a bad example for his daughter, Camila. He goes as far as to say that he's never held a woman's hand in front of her. no kissRegardless, he kisses multiple women on nearly every episode. kiss
He almost never calls his "Bachelor" experience a "journey" or "fairytale." He just says "Ay Ay Ay." ayayay
Juan Pablo really cares about the single mothers on the show, and promises not to keep them from their children unless he sees real potential in their future together.He calls them his "special ones."
He's adventurous! adventurousWhether or not his dates are comfortable with it… scared
For once, "The Bachelor" really likes the smart, talented and worldly girl. Unfortunately, that's not the type he attracts. sharleenno
As proven by his Valentine's Day tweet, he's a pretty great dad. However, he was rumored to have not paid child support to ex–girlfriend, Carla Rodriguez, for two years.
He's the show's second JP! But we miss JP Rosenbaum.

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