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What Kind Of Coffee Drink Are You? (QUIZ)

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It's no secret that our culture is a little more than coffee obsessed. We want it perfectly brewed, over ice, and in our desserts. Shoot, even our kids are into it. Coffee is one beverage most of us can't imagine going without -- not even for a day -- whether it be a short, hot shot of espresso, an iced, cold-brewedglass of coffee or a fancy-schmancy latte.

There's a lot of personality in each cup of coffee. A shot of espresso is direct and to the point; a cafe au lait is completely mellow and comforting; and a mocha frappuccino, well, that one's just indulgent and fun. Which coffee drink best represents you? Take the quiz and find out. You might come to find that you've been drinking the wrong kind of coffee drink all these years.

What kind of coffee drink are you?

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    Question 0 of 10

    What's your favorite book?

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  • <HH--PHOTO--HIGH-SCHOOL--1624485--HH>

    Question 1 of 10

    What were you like in high school?

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    Question 2 of 10

    The one movie you could watch over and over again is...

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    Question 3 of 10

    Your friends describe you as...

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    Question 4 of 10

    What's your dream job?

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  • <HH--PHOTO--ROMANCE--1624533--HH>

    Question 5 of 10

    In a partner, you look for someone who's...

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  • <HH--PHOTO--VACATION--1624563--HH>

    Question 6 of 10

    What would your dream vacation look like?

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  • <HH--PHOTO--APARTMENT--1624564--HH>

    Question 7 of 10

    Your ideal living situation would be...

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  • <HH--PHOTO--RAINBOW--1624510--HH>

    Question 8 of 10

    What's your favorite color?

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    Question 9 of 10

    A perfect meal would entail...

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