Seized Marijuana In French Police Station Getting Cops High

02/19/2014 01:29 pm ET | Updated Feb 19, 2014
LUIS ROBAYO via Getty Images

Cops in northern France may have a little too much contraband on their hands.

According to local reports, there is a massive amount of seized marijuana sitting in a police station in Roubaix. And the some 40 kilograms of cannabis is pungent enough that it's causing French police officers to inadvertently get high.

"Already on the ground floor it smells a bit. But on the first floor, the odor is really strong. When you go there, you clearly smell the weed. And after a day, you are stoned," an unidentified officer told 20 Minutes.

It seems the stash of seized marijuana has piled up over the last few weeks, leaving quite the lingering aroma on the lower floors of the station. As France's The Local notes, the agency charged with collecting confiscated drugs is currently on strike and has failed to make timely pick-ups.

"My colleagues are really bothered," Fabrice Danel, a representative for a police union, explained to regional newspaper La Voix du Nord. "They complain of nausea, headaches."

"Some, worried or for fun, tested themselves," he said, adding that most of the drug tests came back positive for marijuana. "It's a scandal!"

While the accidental high may give some officers a chuckle, authorities in the region don't see the situation as a laughing matter. As one judge reportedly pointed out, what if an officer had to undergo a drug test for a legitimate reason and tested positive for cannabis because of the seized marijuana?

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