Ukraine Twitter Photos Show Brutal Aftermath Of Kiev Clashes

02/20/2014 11:36 am ET | Updated Feb 20, 2014
AFP via Getty Images

As protesters in Ukraine clash with riot police, many brave journalists on the scene are documenting the bloodshed by sharing images on Twitter. In just two days, dozens of people have died. Below is a collection of some of the most harrowing photos that capture the chaos and brutality of what has transpired so far in Kiev today.


Christopher Miller, an editor at the English-language Ukraine newspaper The Kyiv Post, has been closely covering the demonstrations.

Duncan Crawford is a correspondent for BBC News who is currently in Kiev.

Paul Waldie is the European Bureau Chief for Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper.

Max Seddon, a reporter for Buzzfeed, has been on the ground doing amazing work documenting the protests.

Olaf Koens is a Moscow-based reporter currently tweeting and aggregating from Kiev.

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