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Here's Why Walt And Jesse Of 'Breaking Bad' Are A Typical Bickering Couple

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Here's Why Walt And Jesse Of 'Breaking Bad' Are A Typical Bickering Couple | AMC

"Breaking Bad" should really be called "Breaking Up."

Walt and Jesse may be partners in crime on the show, but have you ever realized how much they resemble that couple who never stops fighting? You know the type, always arguing, putting each other down, getting jealous over everything, but yet they still love each other to death.

The final episodes of "Breaking Bad" arrive on Netflix on Monday, Feb. 24, and before you begin your "Breaking" binge, here's why Walt and Jesse are the ultimate bickering odd couple:

Jesse says it from the start.
tv show gifs

They fight ...
tv show gifs

... a lot.
tv show gifs

They often point out each other's flaws.
tv show gifs

One tends to be a bit selfish.

Face swatting is the result of many arguments.
tv show gifs

There's tension with the in-laws.
tv show gifs

When things seem off, the bigger person tries to initiate a conversation about it.
tv show gifs

Then there's the aggressive approach.
tv show gifs

When one finds someone else's jewelry in the other's home ...
tv show gifs

... it could lead to some jealousy, and thus snooping through text messages.
tv show gifs

Then one catches the other in a lie, but they totally deny it.

One is always paranoid that the other is cheating.

Another method of throwing their things out the window after a bad breakup.
tv show gifs

But in the end, they forgive and let go of the past.
tv show gifs

Then they make up and hug.
tv show gifs

And learn to encourage one another.
tv show gifs

Walt and Jesse forever.
tv show gifs

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