02/21/2014 06:09 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2014

The GolfBoard Promises To Revolutionize How We Play Golf

Golf hasn't looked this badass since Happy Gilmore.

Surf-legend-cum-golfer Laird Hamilton is trying his best to shake up the traditional sport with a new innovation in golf course transportation: the GolfBoard. Imagine a cross between a segway and a snowboard -- a motorized platform on four wheels that lets you "surf the Earth," as the tagline states.

With the GolfBoard, Laird (who is also a design consultant) and his team are offering a middle ground between walking a course and the leisurely experience of riding in a cart. The board, which won Best New Product at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, comes equipped with a secure, handlebar bag mount, is controlled by a handheld remote, and promises less impact to turf than typical carts.

According to co-founder Mike Radenbaugh, the GolfBoard allows for "a more adventurous way to play" and even gives riders "a core workout, just like you experience when snowboarding or surfing."

For Laird, who (admittedly) makes the board look pretty darn fun, riding upright like this allows golfers to experience the course topography in a whole new way, creating "a rhythm and a flow of movement through the green canvas."

Core workout and "flow of movement" aside, the GolfBoard is definitely a bro's antidote to golf monotony. As surfing blog The Inertia put it, "Want to get kicked out of every golf course in America? Grab your finest Hawaiian floral print, flip-flops, a six-pack of Bud Light, hop on the Golf Board and you’re in business."

Sounds pretty fun to us.


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