Amy Poehler Did A Fake Interview For Seth Meyers On 'Late Night'

02/25/2014 09:26 am ET | Updated Feb 25, 2014

Seth Meyers was true to his word in introducing his pal Amy Poehler as his very first guest on Monday's "Late Night with Seth Meyers," even bumping the Vice President of the United States to second billed in favor of Poehler.

Poehler, who co-anchored Weekend Update on "SNL" alongside Meyers from 2006 to 2008, was her usual playful, bubbly self, bragging about the glamorous showbiz parties she attends and addressing the awkward sexual tension between herself and bandleader Fred Armisen. But she did her biggest favor by letting Meyers conduct a practice interview on her, predicting that he'll have to talk to plenty of boring interviewees throughout his career as a talk show host.

Oh, and they also pulled out this gem from their early days on "SNL":

Check out Amy's faux interview with Seth above.

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