02/24/2014 07:00 am ET

21 Desserts Made All The Better With Booze (RECIPES)

Saving Dessert

If you've ever debated between an after-dinner drink or dessert, you've been living life all wrong. Boozy desserts are your friend -- your totally hedonistic, life-of-the-party friend that you want to hang out with at all times, especially at the end of the night.

Certain booze-filled dessert items -- like this alcoholic whipped cream or wine-infused popcorn -- may leave a bad taste in your mouth, but don't be swayed. When done correctly (as the Italians so often do) booze in desserts is a gift you don't want to pass up.

If you've never made a spiked dessert recipe or sought out an alcohol-filled treat, you've been missing out on one of the great food pairing genres of all time. Here are 21 times booze made dessert so much better.

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