'Church Signs' Parody Of 'Blurred Lines' By Dustin Ah Kuoi Pokes Fun At Church Sign Cheesiness

02/24/2014 01:25 pm ET | Updated Feb 24, 2014

If you thought that Robin Thicke's controversial song "Blurred Lines" had nothing in common with cheesy church signs, then you'd be wrong.

Dustin Ah Kuoi's "Church Signs" parody hilariously takes aim at the jokey puns sometimes seen on church signs, to the tune of Thicke's much-talked-about "Blurred Lines."

The North Carolina-born musician explained on his website, "I am poking fun at the trite and cheesy church sign culture that is especially prevalent down in the south aka the bible belt. If you like it…great! If you’re offended…pray for my darkened soul hahaha – ENJOY!"

Stand-out signs include "We Got 50 Shades of Grace," and "I'm Logging Onto 'Faithbook.'" But there are many, many more to groan at. Check it out above.

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