02/25/2014 12:00 am ET | Updated Dec 30, 2014

16 Phone Habits That Drive Us Absolutely Bonkers

Let's face it: It seems that we've forgotten our manners.

(No, really -- remember those? If not, call your mom. We'll wait.)

In an effort to clean up our acts, we've partnered with Virgin Mobile to count down all of the violations of phone etiquette and common courtesy that drive us crazy.

Are we leaving anything out? Let us know in the comments.

  • 16 You leave your phone on the table during dinner and check it constantly.
    Image via WeKnowGifs
    This is how we feel about that.
  • 15 You break out in fits of rage while you're playing Flappy Bird (or Candy Crush, or Words With Friends...)
    Getty Images
    We know. We can't believe it, either. And while we know you just "died" in your game, you're in public. Have a bit of dignity.
  • 14 You talk on your phone on the bus, in the bathroom, on the train...
    Image via Flickr.
    You enter a social contract by being in uncomfortably tight spaces. Please abide by the rules.
  • 13 You're pretending to check the time on your phone, but really the "time" is "Facebook."
    Image via Tumblr
    There are people in front of you, but you feel compelled to see what other people are doing right now. (Hint: staring at their phones.)
  • 12 You're walking down the street talking to yourself chatting on Bluetooth, and you look at everyone like they're weird when they start to respond.
    Getty Images
    Just talking to yourself again, we guess.
  • 11 "Waaaaaait, take it with MY phone!"
    Chris Ryan via Getty Images
    Before you subject an innocent bystander to an interminable photo shoot, think of the wonders of living in the age of the smartphone. You can send your photos immediately! You can post them online! You can make yourself look prettier with the click of a button! And chances are, you don't want more than one of that picture floating around.
  • 10 You send multiple texts in a row knowing you won't get a response right away.
    This is equivalent to calling someone and asking if they're sleeping. The answer ... is self-evident.
  • 9 You abuse your group-texting privileges.
    "Can you please take me off this text?"
  • 8 You wave your phone in the air in the middle of dinner to Shazam a song...or worse, to "get better service."
    Image via Giphy
    This is what you look like.
    Getty Images
    You're the person who has to stop every conversation in its tracks to IMDB a celebrity, look up a sports stat, or track down a movie quote. This does not make you witty or smart. If you're the person who cheats at bar trivia, this behavior is completely egregious.
  • 6 You force your bartender to make an obscure drink because you looked it up on your phone.
    narvikk via Getty Images
    "What do you mean you don't know how to make a White Grasshopper on Fire? I know there's a line out the door. This is important."
  • 5 Your use of emoji is excessive and inscrutable.
  • 4 TWO WORDS: Bathroom selfies
    Getty Images
    We just ... want to use the sink.
  • 3 You try to be cute by adding your number to a stranger's phone with a 'fun' nickname.
    We doubt this is how she remembers you.
  • 2 You constantly put us on speakerphone and complain you can't hear us properly.
    Image via Giphy.
  • 1 You leave voicemails.
    Getty Images
    Note: If you're our moms, this is still OK.

Now we've gotten that off our chest, let's all take a deep breath. Join Virgin Mobile and help others stop sucking at mobile.

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