02/25/2014 01:38 pm ET | Updated Feb 25, 2014

Why This Woman Has To Shave Her Face Twice A Day (VIDEO)

All types of unusual things start happening to our bodies once we hit puberty. One of the most unsettling changes is growing hair in strange places. For library director and writer Britta Krabill, she started growing facial hair at 15, and now has to shave at least twice a day.

On Monday, Krabill joined HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd to explain why she just won't let her facial hair grow freely like this woman. After having short-lived success with laser hair treatments, Krabill reaches for the razor instead so she "doesn't look like a circus freak."

"It seems no matter what I do, this is going to be a part of my life until some kind of miracle drug comes along," she said.

Watch the clip above to find out exactly how long it takes Krabill to shave her face, plus what she uses to conceal large pores. Then head over to HuffPost Live to check out the entire segment.


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