Latte Art Fails That Could Ruin A Great Morning (PHOTOS)

02/26/2014 09:35 am ET | Updated Feb 26, 2014

Latte art can be seriously lovely and wildly impressive, but it can also be really, uncomfortably, bad. Done well, latte art can be beautiful for a fleeting moment -- until, of course, you actually want to enjoy the drink you just purchased. Done poorly, however, it is a sad thing they may ruin steamed milk and espresso forever. Here are nine latte art fails that will make you reconsider your beverage of choice.

This cat has the Miley Cyrus tongue thing going on, and we hate it.

latte art

This is pretty creepy.

latte smile

This is just sad.

latte art


If you look quickly, this looks like a scribbled mess. Upon closer inspection, it is either sacrilegious or the best thing ever -- depending on your "The Lord Of The Rings" affiliation.


We don't want to drink you or your bulging eye!

latte frog

Grumpy Cat, you're better than this!


Wait, what? You're not supposed to drink that, right?

henne latte

This cat may look happy, but don't be deceived. No one is happy with whiskers like that.

latte art

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