Radish Recipes You Won't Be Able To Stop Thinking About (PHOTOS)

04/25/2012 08:58 am 08:58:08 | Updated Apr 29, 2014

We don't mean to ruffle any feathers, but the truth is that there is a best way to eat a radish. How, you ask? Halved, raw, with a smear of soft sweet butter and a sprinkle of kosher salt. If you have never had this before, it might sound strange, but we can promise you that it is one of the world's most sincere delights. If you have had this before, you are salivating remembering how great it is.

Once you've experienced this simple, but life-changing snack, you'll never be able to think of radishes as a simple salad ingredient again. Because we've experienced this, and we understand how exciting it is to have a new ingredient to tinker with, we rounded up a few of our other favorite ways to use radishes. Did you know they also taste amazing roasted, sautéed and pickled? If you discover another delicious radish recipe, please let us know about it in the comments! We'll take a brief pause from eating them as described above to test it out.

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