02/27/2014 11:07 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2014

Pharrell Discusses Making Of 'GIRL,' The Lack Of Purpose On 'In My Mind'

THOMAS SAMSON via Getty Images

With the release of his newest album "G I R L," Pharrell is reflecting back on the problems with his first solo record, "In My Mind."

"I wrote those songs out of ego," he told GQ in a recent interview. "Talking about the money I was making and the by-products of living that lifestyle. What was good about that? What’d you get out of it? There was no purpose. I was so under the wrong impression at that time.

"The money was too loud. The success was too much. The girls were too beautiful," Pharrell continued. "The jewelry was too shiny. The cars were too fast. The houses were too big. It’s like not knowing how to swim and being thrown in the ocean for the first time. Everything is just too crazy. You’re like, flailing and kicking and whatever, and you know what happens, don’t you? You sink. My spirit sank. I just felt like, ‘F--k, what am I doing?''

Now, Pharrell is far more self-assured. In fact, he said that he knew what his newest record would be called "G I R L" even before the tracks had been laid down.

“The reason why is because women and girls, for the most part, have just been so loyal to me and supported me,” he said. “There is no breathing human being on this planet that did not benefit by a woman saying yes twice. Yes to make you, and yes to have you. Point-blank.”

For more, head over to GQ for the full interview.


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