Rachel Maddow Sees Beginning Of The End For Conservatives On This Issue

02/28/2014 10:13 am ET | Updated Feb 28, 2014

The demise of Arizona's anti-gay SB 1062 has greater implications beyond the state, Rachel Maddow said Thursday.

Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed the bill, which would have allowed business owners to deny service to gay people based on religious beliefs, on Wednesday. Maddow pointed out that the state is one of nine that have "tabled or vetoed or deferred or withdrawn" similar anti-gay proposals.

Georgia and Mississippi reversed course on bills similar to SB 1062 earlier this week, joining Arizona and several other states that have done the same.

Maddow attributed the decisions to states objecting to the bills' consequences for civil rights or wanting to avoid "the firestorm unleashed in Arizona."

"It's never over til it's over for things like this, for this experiment in conservative governance, but if these nine states are anything to go by... it is starting to look like this one's over," Maddow said.

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