03/01/2014 12:15 pm ET | Updated Mar 01, 2014

Maher To Kristol: Tea Party Was About 'A Black President'... Kristol To Maher: 'Total Bullsh*t!'

Bill Maher gave Bill Kristol a conniption fit on "Real Time" Friday during a conversation about the Tea Party, who that week celebrated their fifth anniversary as a thing that exists. (Incidentally, the fifth is the wood anniversary, so send your favorite tea partier a wooden picture frame with a photo of Ayn Rand.)

In discussing how the tea party came to be, Maher deadpanned that it was because of "a black president," and Kristol lost it, calling the idea "total bullshit."

Watch the back and forth above and draw your own conclusions.


Bill Maher Feuds
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