CNN Interrupts Ukraine Coverage For Oscars Red Carpet

03/03/2014 12:02 pm ET | Updated Mar 03, 2014

Apparently, the Oscars ceremony is a lot more important than the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

CNN interrupted an interview with U.S. Gen. James Marks Sunday evening discussing the United States' position on Ukraine because it was time to hit the red carpet for the Oscars.

"General, General-- my apologies, General Marks, I'm going to have to cut you off," CNN anchor Jim Sciutto said. "Please stay with CNN and for continuing developments on the crisis in Ukraine, but next, a live CNN red carpet special on Hollywood's biggest night."

Cut to: the Oscars!

We thought MSNBC interrupting an NSA discussion to report on Justin Bieber was bad, but this one takes the cake.

Watch the video to see it happen.

(h/t: FTVLive)

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