Cheating Husband Won't Be Too Happy When He Sees This

03/04/2014 03:34 pm ET | Updated Mar 04, 2014

There are a few ways to respond to the news that your cheating husband has gotten his mistress pregnant.

You could go all Carrie Underwood and destroy his property (we don't recommend this). Or, you could sit back and take out an ad in your local newspaper that does all the talking for you, like this scorned wife seems to have done recently:

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Of course, the ad could be too good to be true. The last time we saw a wife call out her cheating husband this publicly -- on an insane billboard in North Carolina -- the ad turned out to be a marketing ploy for a local dessert bar.

If it is legit, our thanks go out to Timeshia. You could have expressed your well wishes face-to-face, but then this perfect little package of passive-aggression never would have come into our lives.

H/T Reddit

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