03/05/2014 08:17 am ET

8 Shirts We'd Be Proud To Wear To The Gym

We're firm believers in the power of the right duds to get your rear in gear. If lookin' good means feelin' good, and feeling good means more trips to the gym, we say splurge on whatever tanks, leggings and sneaks tickle your fitness-fanatic fancy.

Even better? When your clothes spread a little of that cheer to your fellow gym-goers in the process. We'd be proud to be spotted (see what we did there?) in any of these.

  • 1
    Get it here:
    And we've got it by the bucketload.
  • 2
    Get it here:
    That's all they really waaaaaant.
  • 3
    Get it here:
    The only thing getting shut down here is this workout.
  • 4
    Get it here:
    Beast mode knows no bounds.
  • 5
    Get it here:
    See you there?
  • 6
    Get it here:
    The preferred method of "getting low," naturally.
  • 7
    Get it here:
    And we can smell their fear.
  • 8
    Get it here:
    No, really. Check with your doctor first.


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